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A college advisor may also be referred to as a career counselor. College students rely upon the services of college advisors to help them choose the correct career path. The college advisor is responsible for ensuring the student is meeting the college's academic requirements. The advisor ensures that the student understands which academic requirements are needed. In addition, advisors may also facilitate programs, such as career workshops and job fairs to assist students in making career choices


The advisor reviews the student's transcript and may suggest classes she must take to meet graduation requirements. The advisor may also make career suggestions based on each individual student's interest. In many cases, the advisor works with the student's parents to ensure the student is succeeding. Many advisors help students schedule academic placement tests. Advisors may also provide the student with internship information relating to her career choice.


College advisors may also counsel students who are experiencing academic difficulty or any other problems that affect the student's performance. The advisor can provide assistance in making arrangements for tutoring or other resources available to the student. He may also assist the student in receiving financial aid, student loans or other sources of college funding.



College advisors are required to have a master's degree, preferably in fields such as psychology and education. A master's degree program will include hands-on experience in counseling under the supervision of a trained counselor. Most states require advisors to receive certification through organizations, such as the National Board for Certified Counselors.


The advisor must have research skills and be well-informed of the college's academic requirements. Advisors should have good communication skills because they are interacting with students daily. They should also be detailed-oriented, as they must ensure students' transcripts reflect degree requirements. Advisors should also be friendly when interacting with students and possess the ability to handle frustrated students.


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