Human Resources Coordinator

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As the Human Resources Specialist, you will meet with the President of our company to learn what our people power needs are by identifying the Interns and the Internship projects, create internship descriptions (similar to this one), field internship applications, formalize our company policies and procedures, screen applications and interview applicants. It would be great if you could get our Internship Orientation up and running, but only if time allows. You will learn about the travel business as you create a group trip.


You will be doing a variety of tasks including:
Searching for interns
Interview Applicants
Screening Resumes
Organizing and planning meetings
Team building and suggestions for improvement
Creating a group trip


You are a people person who loves to talk and listen to others. We are seeking a creative, hard-working, detail -oriented person who is a very good communicator (both in writing and verbal). Most English, Communications, Media Studies, Business, and Hospitality majors will find this job exceptionally exciting! Please have the ability to follow directions, communicate weekly, good phone and presentation skills, work virtually, and stay organized.

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