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Greetings from Los Angeles. THE LATEST is a yet-to-launch web startup. We hope to be up and running in summer of 2014. We are in a bit of a "hurry up and wait" situation as our programmers program the site between now and then.

We also hope to add a TV show, mobile apps, radio segments and maybe even a print magazine.

THE LATEST is a great brand name; last month, 55 million Google searches included the word "latest" (the latest news, latest miley cyrus, latest iphone, etc.).

We are as yet unfunded, and everyone working on this is either: 1) a student intern working for academic credit, experience and a letter of recommendation; or 2) a sweat equity player (company shares in return for project work). Nobody is getting paid cash as yet, but we hope to change that in the future.

Either we get funded -- or maybe we don't. In either case, we still want to launch.

Sweat equity shares will be an important component to how we compensate people, especially once we launch. We are all operating on faith that we really will launch and that company shares will be worth something someday.

We need one (or possibly two or three) interns to help build a system to track: all team member data; legal paperwork (NDAs, independent contracts, etc.); shares earned; shares issued; etc.

We also want to spend some time, now, really defining our philosophy, our culture, who we are, how we choose to operate. It has all been pretty informal so far, but when we launch, the pace will pick up and there won't be as much time to think about these things.

We should put together some kind of "employee handbook," although we don't actually have any employees as of now. We need to think through policies, procedures, benefits, etc.

It would be nice to get all this done in coming months, and by the end of the summer of 2014 at the latest.

Interested in HR as a career path -- particularly in a startup/entrepreneurial environment?

If yes, please get in touch. I can assure you, those who intern with us find it to be a great experience. There are no real rules, we are all inventing this as we go along.

Jeff Hall, CEO


We had several interns last summer, it was a time of great creativity. We defined out concept and site design, we have some programmers working on it now. We hope to launch in summer of 2014 and it would be nice to get as much of this HR stuff done before then as possible. We expect the summer of 2014 to be a time of very intense effort -- all about implementation.

We tend to attract creative types who like to write, design, shoot videos, etc. -- and that's all very important. But we need an HR team to help keep it all organized so the wheels don't come flying off the car.

You would basically be setting up our HR system from scratch, and there's not a lot of direction we can give you, so you have to be very self-sufficient, self-motivated. If you come forward with recommendations that make sense, we'll go with your plan. If you are looking to "learn from the professionals" in an existing corporate environment, this might not be for you. If you are comfortable moving forward with little direction and coming up with a plan on your own, this could be a fun place for you.


Good with people.
Good with record keeping.
Good with spreadsheets.
Knowledgeable (or willing to quickly learn) about HR, incentive programs, stock option programs, organizational development, etc.
Knowledgeable about (or can learn about) existing software or outside services that can help us with all this.

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