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VAIN LLC Human Resources Intern Description/Responsibilities
The goal of an internship in human resources is to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world situations, as well as gain the skills and experience that is necessary to prepare the student for a successful career in human resources.

POSITION PURPOSE: Position responsibilities include assisting the Assistant Director of HR-Student Development with employee recruitment, coordination of new staff hiring, and administration of student employment with Campus Recreation. Work will include management of employee perks and recognition, data collection and analysis, and staff training and development. It is expected that the intern will contribute to the overall Campus Recreation Student Development program by providing feedback on current practices and ideas for future development.
VAIN LLC Human Resources Management Highlights: Human Resource Management interns at VAIN LLC are given the necessary opportunity to design jobs and write job descriptions; recruit, screen and hire new employees; train employees to perform their current jobs more effectively; and help employees develop new skills to take on more responsible positions. This internship is entirely dedicated to providing its students with real world experience before getting into the field post-graduation.
Internship Overview: Internships are professional experiences that students participate in to gain professional skills and experiences. Internships are structured as learning experiences that combine in-class theory with real-world applications. A valid experience for human resource management majors is an internship or co-op that requires skills and knowledge obtained from College of Business their courses. Positions should be similar to an entry-level position that these students would get out of


(Human resources internship, specific responsibilities may include):
New Employee Hiring:
1. Assist with recruitment strategies and events for employment.
2. Collect data and compile overall hiring report.
3. Staff Information and Orientation sessions as needed.
4. Manage VAIN LLC HR communication email accounts.
5. Networking with external resources
6. Performing Reference and background checks
7. Preparing materials for orientation
8. Conducting orientation
9. Possibly conducting interviews
10. Advertising all open job positions
11. Creating new personnel files
12. Other tasks as assigned
Employee Recognitions and Perks:
1. Manage Intern of the Week and Employee of the Month programs.
2. Create and manage employee perks program.
3. Assist with End of the Year Banquet and Staff Appreciation Days.
4. Manage staff accessories/equipment/uniform inventory.
Content Development and Research:
1. Update HR section of the staff intranet set ensuring current and relevant information.
2. Create new content for various HR initiatives.
3. Updating various databases including the grievance log, applicant flow, HRIS, etc.
Admiration Assistance:
1. Filling and other office support for HR staff
2. Serve on Student Advisory Committee
3. Other duties as assigned.
4. Researching and collecting data for various HR initiatives.
5. Resolving problems in paperwork
6. Ensuring that procedures are performed correctly
7. Advising employees on safety issues, productivity, and damage claims
8. Ensuring that the employees are working efficiently
9. Coordinate staff training
10. Complete written projects and research topics to improve organization
11. Staff Scheduling
Projects students have done in the past:
• Assist with recruiting, interviewing, and conducting orientations
• Revamp training manual
• Head a yearbook project
• Develop recruiting survey
• Make safety newsletters
• Work with compensation and benefits


1. Strong organization and communication skills.
2. Ability to work independently and as a team.
3. Possess and exhibit a strong and genuine interest in working with people and the ability to interact at all levels of the organization
4. Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
5. Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field
REPORTING LINE: The Intern reports directly to the Human Resources Manager
QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to be highly organized and have good planning skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to work with diverse populations and those with special needs or limitations.
TIME COMMITMENT: The Intern will work a variety of different hours depending on the time of the year and if a hiring period is scheduled. The Intern can expect to work 10-15 hours in a typical week. We honor the 20-minute break for each 4-hour shift worked (including back-to-back shifts). For further information on the 20-minute break, please review the Intern/Employee Guidelines.
EVALUATIONS: Performed by the Assistant Director of HR-Student Development
COMPENSATION: Non-Paid / College Credit

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