Human Resources Intern

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Develop and Maintain HR Compliance Knowledge

o *Begins to develop a current knowledge of HR Laws and Regulations.
o *Keeps abreast of new developments in the HR field.
o *Develops a working knowledge of HR information databases and searchable
o *Keeps abreast of Document retention requirements

Pursue an Attitude of Learning and Development

o *Attends seminars and meetings relative to the HR profession.
o *Cultivate interpersonal skills
o *Develop negotiating and public speaking skills
o *Foster time management skills

HR administration

o *Responsible for reception and telephone duties, including signing for front office
o Check voicemail and deliver any messages
o Sort and deliver faxes
o Responsible for sorting and distributing of daily mail
o Track progress, deadlines, and priorities of all projects
o *Prepare Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
o Proofread HR documents including audits, marketing information, and handbooks.
o *Ordering of office supplies
o *Prepare all packages to be mailed FedEx, Priority Mail, UPS, Airborne Express,
and DHL
o Act as a liaison between The HR Team, Inc. and shipping companies to track
packages and order supplies
o Daily changing of the server tape, and cleaning the server when necessary
o Refill paper in printer, copier, and fax. Refill any supplies
o Copy and mail out invoices
o Clean up around the office
o May be responsible for making meeting and travel arrangements
o *Ensure Career Builder and Monster job packs are current with available job ads

Manage Pre-Employment Processes

o Track cost and effectiveness of media outlets for job postings
o *Post new positions on various websites including, Career
o *Sort incoming resumes and logs them into appropriate tracking spreadsheets
o *Complete and mail out regret letters
o *Coordinate candidate interviews, drug screens, physicals, and testing
o *Send background checks to HR Plus and save results when they are returned
o Complete and mail out offer letters

Manage Client Satisfaction

o *Maintain a satisfied level of customer service with clients both internal and external.
o *Properly handle client requests through responsiveness, follow-up, and escalation.
o Communicate your availability through voice mail greetings and email out-of-office


o *Work proactively with other team members.
o *Prioritize activities for the best interest of the team when working on joint projects.
o *Handle client requests and deliver quality solutions if able, or escalate the request
to a more senior team member
o *Openly share new ideas and information with other team members.
o *Keep other team members apprised to avoid surprises and disappointed clients.


- Organize and collect progress reports
- Monitor project calendar, ensuring project is on schedule and in budget


o Personable, able to comfortably and pleasantly deal with a variety of people
o Strong customer service skills
o Problem solving capabilities necessary to accomplish the duties and tasks of the
o Ability to correctly make decisions involving client issues/ problems including
when to escalate the problem to a more senior consultant
o Exceptional written and oral communication skills
o Excellent organizational and planning skills
o Ability to effectively learn and acquire new knowledge and skills.
o Ability to share knowledge and work in a strong team oriented environment.
o Detail oriented
o Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACT, and e-mail
o Pursuing a degree in Human Resources or Business Administration.

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