Internship for Human Resources Manager

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Company Location: Houston, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Our company CheapBooks Inc was founded in 1997. We are an online shopping company and social network.

We are looking for an intern in the field of Human Resources who will be responsible for managing our intern program. You will have complete autonomy to make decisions with little intervention. You will work directly with our CEO and founder.

You will also learn to use Human Resources Management Software, with access to all positions within the company.

This position is available either short term or long term, full time or part time.


You will be in charge pf managing, planning, posting positions, interviewing, and extending intern positions to potential candidates.

You will have complete flexibility and control to manage the intern program as you wish with little intervention, as long as you demonstrate adequate skills.


You must pass a telephone interview and present a written plan for how you would handle this position.

How To Apply

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