Human Resources Intern (Recruiting/Talent Assessment)

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The Human Resources/Recruiting Internship will be focused on various projects related to recruiting, sourcing, talent assessing, HRIS, client management, and the other assigned projects. This internship is designed to be both educational and practical. In this position, the intern will learn how to use skills acquired in school and apply them in a professional setting. This is a great opportunity for students majoring in Human Resources, Marketing or anyone curious about tying their collegiate experience to a small business (including majors in Economics, Finance, Computer Science, Communications, etc). This internship will give the invaluable experience to assess others career tracks and at the same time their own. As a top, the winning candidate will get to filter through 100's of HR resumes and Linkedin Profiles and calibrate and assess talent based on an extremely proven objective metrics driven system of success. Our client list includes much of the Fortune 500 clients with a history of placements across GE, Wrigley, MillerCoors, Honeywell, and many others including some of the coolest IT Start ups that have to remain confidential.
We are looking to get candidates that are at the top of the class and clearly in the top 25% in regards to abilities and or GPA. If the internship is successful there is an opportunity for full time, promotion, raises or even a bonus. Ultimately we want someone who can make a lot more money other places or with us in the future. Agency recruiters are typically outgoing, persuasive and gutsy over the phone, but the winning candidate for this role could just as easily be someone who is extremely analytical and an extremely fast typist, with a technical aptitude, and ability to do more then what the role requires (possibly the beginning of an HRIS career). The candidate will get the opportunity to upload 100's of recruiting, compensation, benefits, HRIS, OD, and Talent Development resumes among other positions.


Primary Roles:
Updating Candidate Database (entry, categorization, coding, etc.), Sourcing candidates, Pre-Assessing Talents based on resume alone, and Talent recommendations for real roles.

Other duties and Responsibilities:
* Using a real Recruiting ATS - Applicant Tracking System
* Vetting #1 Top HR, IT, Finance, and Admin candidates and talent acquisition for client delivery
* CRM (Client Relationship Management)
* Posting Recruiting Ads
* Populating candidates profile with searchable data
* Coaching candidates on writing resumes and what to look for in a solid resume
* Prepping HR candidates for interview when they haven't interviewed in years
* Bonus: * If a candidate is passionate about ID - Instructional Design then we may be open to get that project started sooner. Scheduled to be released in 6 months, Online Training Course development includes putting together a very short online, PowerPoint, interview class and resume writing class so candidates can view a hand out and hear teaching at their leisure, typically the day before an interview so they can "prep" themselves. There are about 20 pages of notes and power point but it is not in a usable format yet.


1. Strong Communication Skills: Corporate/Executive level command of English both verbally and over email.
2. Technically savvy: Know how data entry into a database works.
3. Passion for HR: High Interest level in recruiting, assessment, business and/or marketing.
4. Integrity/Confidentiality: All clients, candidates trust our firm in the confidentiality of their resumes (Most candidates are employed and we need to protect them).

Desired Skills:

- Ability to respectfully communicate with group but also work independently
- Ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines
- Ability to think strategically and understand interrelations within a company
- Highly proficient on MS Office Suite, particularly in Excel
- Excellent organizational skills

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