Manufacturing Intern (Fragrance Industry)

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The Candleberry Company
120 Corporate Dr.
Frankfort, KY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind, this is an unpaid position. We do, however, consider it just as important as management level positions and will offer a work reference to reflect the importance of the position, as well as industry related changes, improvements, or additions, once the internship has been successfully completed.

The Candleberry Candle Company is a manufacturer of scented products. We are most well known for our Kentucky Bourbon fragrance, which is trademarked only to Candleberry and we package it for the Kentucky Bourbon distillers in the central Kentucky area. Our customers include distillers such as Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace and Four Roses. We also make a fragrance called Tennessee Whiskey, which we package for Jack Daniels in Tennessee. Candleberry has super-power fragrances. This is why these companies come to us for packaging a candle, because it is the best on the market. Our other 62 fragrances are all fragrances based on family ritual and tradition. We package our entire company as a place where everyone wants to be. Each fragrance is carefully constructed by moments in time that made you feel wonderful. We are in constant motion to continue the quest for the worlds most perfect candle product. As we continue our quest, we have an immediate need for an intern, ready to make strides in their education as well as adding to their resume, the experience of initiating processes in manufacturing directly related to industrial engineering.

The position is located at our factory in Frankfort, Kentucky. The intern selected will spend their hours at Candleberry working in the production and manufacturing part of our facility. In addition to general production work, you will be given the opportunity, personally, to initiate and implement changes, improvements and advances in the production process. The Candleberry Company is a fun, exciting place to work. We hope to be the intern experience that will give you the edge you need for your resume. We hope you will join us!


- The main part of this internship will be to participate in production of products.
-The selected candidate will be given the opportunity to explore, initiate and/or implement improvement processes.
- Monitor quality of production output
- Review company production process for efficiency
- Initiate the design/idea/drawings of new products (not required but offered)
- Based on your current education, discuss and add tasks / projects to your daily work once agreed upon by supervisor
- Compile employee manuals or develop process directions for tasks with high employee turnover.
- Source goods or search for lower-cost sources for high-volume materials.
- Propose solutions for a mid-level problem that no one has had time to address.
- Research and identify the most influential blogs in your industry. Follow them and provide weekly reports.
- Critique the company website...from a user perspective; brainstorm ideas for boosting usability.


- well organized
- self starter
- efficient
- undergraduate degree or currently studying within the filed of Manufacturing / Industrial Engineering
- Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Google Docs (proficiency not required)

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