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Searching for internships on is easy! Using search options, such as selecting a keyword, major, a specific location, and even a particular company, means you can narrow down the possibilities quickly. And as the world's largest internship marketplace, is the place online where you're sure to find the position that's perfect for you.

If you're a college freshman, you might be open to exploring a whole range of different internships to help you determine your ultimate career path – or even your major. However, if you're a senior in college, you might have a very specific goal for your internship: to discover opportunities for post-graduation employment. No matter what your specific requirements for your internship, you're certain to find opportunities for jobs that suit you on

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Start your internship search by entering your major, search keyword or location where you want to work, and discover the wide range of intern jobs that you can choose from. On, you’ll see listings that give you the important details at a glance. See right away which jobs are paid, which are part-time, which give college credit, and more. And you can narrow your jobs search results with just a click. Start your search now and let help you find exactly the internships you’re looking for.

Internship Search Tips

Need a few search tips before getting started? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Use terms related to your major or industries of interest like marketing, design, technology, social media.
  • Remember to try variations of one phrase. For marketing, you could also search on advertising, "public relations", "social media", "internet marketing" and other related terms
  • Use quotes if you want to see results for that exact phrase.
  • Use broad keywords like intern or search by a whole state without a keyword to see the largest number of listings for jobs
  • Take the Internship Predictor™ and get tons of ideas for keywords to use in your intern jobs search.