Digital Advertising and Related Consulting - Spring and Summer 2014

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Positive, energetic and looking for exposure in the digital community, does this describe you?

The 614 Group, a global business services consultancy with subject-matter expertise in the digital media arena, is managed by a team with well documented proven success in driving digital businesses to sustainable business models and profitability. Its strategic and tactical team focuses on guiding organizations to better knowledge and understanding of the digital ecosystem through a model of consultancy, implementation services, and small group training.

Located in New York, Seattle, London, and Berlin, the group is a practice-based offering across a range of categories such as general business and financial advisory, digital advertising compliance best practices for regulatory and self-regulatory regimes, and advisory related to navigating the complex ecosystem of digital marketing solutions providers.


Research support
Presentation support
Client interaction
Team interaction
Graphical Design (Optional)


Must haves:

A passion for excellence - we are seeking "A," players
Familiarity with digital advertising
Social Media experience
PowerPoint/Keynote skills
Excellent written communication skills

How To Apply

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