LinkMyFan Brand Associate Internship

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Company Location: Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 30 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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LinkMyFan increases search engine results through SEO aggregation of its member content, keeping viewers focused on the target audience hubs they have come to see. The platform eliminates distractions typically found on other business directories or social networking sites, such as competing pop-up advertisements and other irrelevant information, making it easy for members and visitors to remain focused on relevant content. Keeping this valuable business content in one place via LinkMyFan also makes it easier for search engines to index information, helping companies achieve greater visibility with a wider distribution of information.

The LinkMyFan Branding Internship is a chance for undergraduate students to serve as an intern and work as part of a great marketing and research campaign. Interns are responsible for driving awareness, building relationships and are part of a greater brand campaign for on their local campuses and community through campus efforts, and social media marketing. The program is an excellent opportunity for those looking for business, public relations or marketing experience in an internship capacity.


Intern’s Responsibilities
- Coordinate and manage setting up meetings on and off-campus that fit LinkMyFan brand and target market
- Market LinkMyFan in relevant locations on campus and in the community
- Utilize guerrilla marketing tactics spread the LinkMyFan brand and services
- Build strong relationships with student associations and other campus groups for LinkMyFan
- Conduct research and survey projects focused on campus/student / and community activity


Ideal Candidate:
-Self-starter with the ability to work independently
-Strong written and verbal communications skills
-Strong leadership skills, eager, outgoing and personable
-Ability to multitask
-Strong organizational skills
-Strong Social Media and Blogging Skills

How To Apply

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