New Media Interns working with Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook

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Looking for 6 interns. If you are skilled in one (extremely well) that is quite acceptable as we would like to have one person take on one of these. We do not expect one person to take on all of these. We are also going to be building revenue via Twitter by channeling commercials through our various Twitter accounts.

Since we are a properly licensed business, we are able to provide serious monitoring and feedback to your faculty for internship credit at school.


Begin a project, carry it out and move on to another project unless you are really good at what you've taken on and you're good at it and choose to continue doing that particular kind of work. We need writers, editors, LinkShare placement help, in essence we need everything.


Facility with new media. Facility with writing stories that are relevant to any age group/demographic.

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