PAID IT / WEB intern: mobile eCommerce, databases, enterprise software, etc.

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Aquetong Mills
Posted: 638 days ago
Company Location: Princeton, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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I am looking for a PAID IT / WEB intern to gain practical real-world experience with databases, enterprise software, ETL, data cleansing, mobile eCommerce, eBook publishing, etc. This is a GREAT opportunity, for a rare candidate.

(1) If you are not immediately available for an internship, Close Browser Tab.
(2) If your talent is extremely modest, Close Browser Tab.
(3) If your motivation is extremely modest, Close Browser Tab.
(4) If your maturity inhibits your performance, Close Browser Tab.
(5) If you made it through those 4 screens, Congratulations and Read On!

You are highly motivated, richly skilled, and deeply desire a killer internship project. You want to get a huge step up on your career. This is it.

I am working with a Woburn (MA) company. The company has built its eCommerce website on the BigCommerce platform, which was designed and built by our current intern, who is leaving us for a BIG job in the industry. We need to add more functionality to the website, we need to maintain the current functionality, and we'd like recommendations on options to improve it. An extraordinary intern can accomplish this.

I pay interns on a 1099 (independent contractor) basis. This works well for international and domestic applicants alike.

Depending on how the project develops, we may agree to continue our relationship indefinitely, through school semesters and even on a part-time basis after you get full-time employment.

I have provided outstanding written references for standout performers.


• Primary - Mobile eCommerce website
o Research mobile eCommerce platforms
o Recommend platform for development
o Identify development resources
o Ensure compatibility w other company resources
• Secondary - eBook publishing
o Research eBook platforms for iOS, Android, and Kindle / Nook
o Outline pro / con of each platform, & suggest one
o Select eBook builder for catalog construction
• Catalog must align with website
• Secondary - Enterprise software platform
o Evaluate freeware solutions
o Suggest enterprise software platform


Attitude and aptitude. Fearlessness. Resourcefulness.

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