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AMRAP4Life.com is a social network for athletes around the world. We currently have a subscriber base of nearly 2200 members, and more than 30k unique visitors a month.

Review the website for yourself before applying. www.amrap4life.com

We are in a period of expansion. This is where you can help.

Interns will be involved in all aspects of creation, from creative consideration to the HTML/CSS/PHP/SQL/Javascript implementation.

This is an opportunity to gain not only full time employment, but development credit on a public product. AMRAP4Life has transitioned two interns into positions, one as an equity partner.

This is one of the few companies where you'll be able to skip rungs without decades of experience. If you're looking for a job where you'll be treated with respect, to work with a team instead of for them, call us.

AMRAP4Life exists to provide dedicated athletes with a community and forum where training tips, ideas and thoughts can be shared on a social network, built around the lifestyle and activities we love. We leverage relevant technologies and social networking best practices to create a trusted, welcoming and interactive environment for all levels of individuals and their supporters. The relationships created here allow individuals to connect, communicate, evolve and improve.

Our audience represents a rapidly expanding, global group of active individuals who believe that health, physical fitness and nutrition are at the core of their well being and lifestyle. These individuals have found a home on AMRAP4Life where they can come and socialize amongst like minded individuals with common interest. Where they can brag, boast, pound their chest and connect with others who feel the same way.


PHP/MySQL/Javascript/HTML/CSS development, creative input.

Interns will work directly with partners in bringing AMRAP4Life to 10k users and beyond.


PHP, MySQL, Javascript (jQuery API), HTML, CSS, Photoshop experience is preferred.

Wordpress development experience is a bonus.

If you have a subset of the desired experience, contact us. We're looking for ambition.

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