Mobile Web Social Media Internship at Tech Startup in Silicon Valley, California

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Nolymit mobile web app
Posted: December 13 2015
Company Location: San Jose, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Our Silicon Valley mobile web startup has already helped all of our interns obtain good jobs at several top tech companies in U.S. and China. Just recently, our foreign student intern majoring computer science in U.S. university got two good offers from two U.S. companies with lots of special help from our Silicon Valley Nolymit startup founding team, one of the offer is given by one Silicon Valley startup. This is due to this fact: Now most companies only like to hire college graduates who have lots of good internship references during college time.

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So we know what can help our interns to obtain good jobs at our company or other tech companies after the intern job is finished. Our Silicon Valley mobile web startup Nolymit is looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing/advertising team. You can learn more about our startup at Our startup is seeking an intern who can participate in various work related to MARKETING and Mobile Web Social Media.

# Rewards for the interns who have successfully completed this internship:
*For the financial rewards for each hour you work for Nolymit: It will depends on your experiences on the skill and also the hours you will work for Nolymit mobile web app each week.
* Nolymit app founding team members with world top tech company experiences will provide work experience references for you;
* If you want to use this internship to apply for credits at your college, we will support you on this;
* Nolymit app founding team will help you obtain internship or job at other tech companies in Silicon Valley area. We already know several specific positions opened by several tech companies and we know the hiring managers for these positions.
*You will gain lots of experiences related to the next wave of the mobile and web: Artificial intelligence technologies;
* After successfully completing this internship, you may be selected as the early employee or co-founder by this rising Silicon Valley Nolymit tech startup;
*For the foreign students who need Green Card to stay in U.S., if you are selected as the early employee or co-founder of Nolymit, our startup will try best to help you obtain U.S. Green Card later.
* We will try our best to help you earn a trip to the beautiful Silicon Valley bay area at less cost.
*Will have the opportunity to work with our well-educated founding team members with top tech company experiences, so you can learn a lot from them.
*During the time of this internship, if you wish, you may have more opportunities than common members to earn income by tutoring/training through online live video some members at Nolymit mobile web app.

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*Time commitment:
You need to make the commitment to work for 3 consecutive months, at least 12 hours per week; If you like to work more than 12 hours per week, you will earn more rewards; After you have successfully completed this internship, and if you wish to extend your internship with us, we may extend that.
*Assist Nolymit startup founding team in all work related to introducing Nolymit mobile web app to many college students and senior high school students.
* Need to help others understand Nolymit mobile web app, become a member and effectively use Nolymit mobile web app for their own benefits.
*May have the opportunity to do some mobile web tech work with the team;


*Very motivated to work with us remotely online.
*We are looking for one student who is very interested to learn about Silicon Valley tech startups and to obtain a job at one of them.
*Have the experiences to organize and lead events or groups at college or at local communities, or founded a startup before.
*Should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and have some experiences of using mobile and Web apps and social media. Love to spread the words of free Nolymit mobile web app great features saving the user's time in their learning, work and lives.
*We will only review the resumes of those applicants who want to help Nolymit mobile web app beta make progress. So, here are some info about Nolymit app beta:
* Before you apply for this internship, you need to become Nolymit app member at this page: . Then you need to tell us your membership user name in your application letter. Thus, you show us that you are very interested in Nolymit mobile web app.
*PowerPoint, Word experience is a bonus, and will be considered when choosing the best applicant for this internship position.

# For more details and Q on this opportunity:
You can post your Q at this page:

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