Paid Summer Internship (at a startup!)

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PrepFactory is a venture-backed, education technology start-up working out of 1776 (a startup incubator in DC) that provides high-quality standardized test preparation videos from the best instructors in America. For free.

We're looking for interns to help with all aspects of the business. One of the really fun things about working for a start-up is that there's so much to do that it gives people in the early stages of their careers (like you) exposure to lots of different things, and you get a feel of what you like and maybe don't like quite as much. Honestly, as far as internships go, it's really unlikely that you'll find one that would be more fun than to work with us. (If you happen to have Google or Facebook knocking down your door to hire you, then THAT probably is a better way to go, but unless that's the case, you would probably really enjoy working with us!)


You'd be working directly with the founder of the company, so you'll get a really good feel for all of the different things that are involved in trying to get a start-up up and off the ground. SOME of the things you could be working with the founder of the company to do include:

- helping to develop additional features for the site that users may find helpful
- designing and developing social media campaigns
- developing email campaigns to reach out directly to users, learning what's helpful for them, and what isn't
- researching anything from other competitors to potential media contacts

Those are a few of the things you could be doing, but you could also end up doing other things as well. To the best of our ability, we're going to try and find the things that you love working on most and/or are best at, and have you do those things.


We've got three requirements:

- Be really, really bright. If you're not going to a really great school OR you haven't done extremely well on the SAT or ACT (95th percentile and above), you're probably not going to be a great fit for this particular internship.

- Be really, really motivated. If you're not into this, it's going to be pretty obvious pretty early on. We think this is a really great internship opportunity, and if you're not into it, we're going to find someone who is.

We don't care if you're just graduating high school or if you're just graduating college or anywhere in-between, or what your major is (you could be an Art History major or a Computer Science major). If you meet those the two requirements mentioned above, we'll be interested in you.

- Be available to work full-time (40 hours / week) for 6 to 10 weeks this summer.

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