Frontend & Backend Developer Positions Available

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Allenwood, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Full-time, Paid

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Our unique inventory control system allows all of our employees to manage a vast
amount of items online while having the capability to see real time information.
We focus on letting our users see all of the information that they need to see in an
organized format. Charts and tables are generated in real time to give the sales
associate the best advice for making the sale.


Our internship program allows students to work with the head developer and head
designer to improve and build upon our platform. We focus strongly on security,
maintainability, organization, and documentation.


We are seeking students interested in web development. Interns should have at
least basic knowledge of object oriented programming, database structures, and
web standards.

Frontend languages: HTML, CSS (with LESS), JavaScript (with jQuery)

Backend languages: PHP, MySQL

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