GPS/ Logistics Intern

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General scope of responsibility:
The goal of this internship is to get the candidate familiar with every aspect of Closed Loop Recycling. We will attempt to discover the highest and best use for our intern and will keep them in roles that create productivity/ROI for the company. We also want this to be a win/win, so we will also help them develop skills that they will use to be successful in the CLR logistics department.
You will work primarily on 3 projects in the Logistics department:

GPS: (Network fleet software) As a new program, you're responsible for the set up of the GPS system. Tasks such as creating landmarks, geofences, alerts on geofencing, editing these options, pinpointing docks at an account, etc will be completed as a top priority.
Responsible for taking driver calls throughout the week and entering data received into:
Service Summary
Weight Sheet
Route Spending Report
Hotel Report Database.
SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
Responsible for testing Dispatch SOP and relaying feedback by typing in RED, useful suggestions, questions, and comments. Also, any new task for the intern or department shall be documented by creating an SOP (ex. Networkfleet).

Learning Exercises
1. Observing internal meetings, attending client/vendor meetings
2. Trial and error with new programs
3. Testing SOPs
4. Researching topics, new ideas, procedures
5. Will be taught Time management and leadership practices that you will be held accountable to demonstrate


1. Optimize new GPS tool by setting up the program to create a company standard.
2. Get acquainted with company practices by collecting info and entering it into the proper documents.
3. Relay any new information learned by creating SOPs and analysis of improvements.
4. Test any existing SOPs relating to the department.
5. Observe and participate in daily meetings to learn company structure and procedure.
6. Infuse the company with new ideas and current knowledge.

Maintains office operations by:
• Receiving and distributing communications
• Posses general office experience-telephone skills, typing, documentation skills, verbal communication, written communication, dependability, attention to detail, and administrative writing skills.
• Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities
• Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


Basic understanding of software, attention to detail, a "whatever it takes" attitude, embrace change, like a fast paced and fun work environment, be able to take a joke and hopefully have a sense of humor. We are looking for culture fits first and foremost. Our core values are Legendary Service, Grow Great Relationships in All directions, Continual Improvement (both personal and professional), ReInvent the Industry (Innovate), Celebrate Success & HAVE FUN !! We are a performance first, play second company. We are looking for achievers, positive people, and love to laugh.

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