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Teens: What’s The Rush, Inc.
Non Profit 501c3 Organization



The mission of Teens: What’s The Rush, Inc. is to prevent and significantly reduce the incidents of destructive decisions, teenaged sex, teenage pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, teen sexual violence, peer pressures, bullying and teen suicides through the Arts.


Our vision is to increase self-worth, self-love, graduation rates, social skills and provide knowledge, awareness on the consequences of choices through the delivery of no judgment conversations that are 1) delivered in a language that adolescents and teens understand, 2) focused on solutions for all children especially the underserved and at-risk community members; and 3) establishment of a network of support groups, outreach resources, helpful information and instructions for children and their families.


Teens: What’s the Rush, Inc. was founded by Sherrell Anderson in response to her teenage sons' request for condoms. In that moment she knew that something needed to be done to deter children from making adult decisions while still emotionally and intellectually immature.

Teens: What's The Rush, Inc. brings to life her dream of helping our youth and families understand the consequences of choices and the impact that they have on the rest of their lives. As a result, Sherrell created a plan for bi weekly, monthly and interactive Teen Forums and Productions to address key issues facing today’s adolescents and teenagers to include:

•Coping with peer pressure
•Sexually Transmitted Diseases
•Negative emotions
•Teen Pregnancy
•Self-worth & Love
•Self-esteem, Self-confidence,
•Positive Alternatives
•Mentorship programs
•Teenage Sex
•Dating Violence
•Teen Suicide
By providing a safe haven for our youth to speak freely about their concerns, Sherrell has proven that she can improve decision making skills and deter inappropriate behavior. Giving our youth the tools to make better decisions, the value of self-love, and the confidence to go against the peer pressures, Sherrell believes that she can make a difference, one child at a time. The Village is Back!
Teens: What’s The Rush, Inc. 678-960-9248


- Assist in management, research, communication and coordination of installations
- Assist during events and receptions
- Maintain website, blog and social media network presence


- Studio Arts, Marketing/Hospitality, Business/Accounting, Art History, Communications Majors (preferred)
- Possess excellent written and verbal communication
- Possess multi-tasking and coordination experience
- Passion for art; actively involved in the art community
- Demonstrate attention to details while maintaining perspective
- Have working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, basic HTML, MS Office Suite

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