IT/Computer Systems Analyst

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Looking for someone who can fix and update a dynamic website that uses SAS type- software internally to run a testing site. This is high-level site that would be a great resume booster that will showcase many skills to employers.

1 year Paid internship. There is a chance of continuing on after the 1 year position in a part-time and potentially long term position. Performance based pay bonuses during the internship are also available for completing work and project milestones.

Would like to meet face-to-face in the Los Angeles, Monterey or San Francisco areas but we are open to a skype interview. The work can be done from anywhere once hired.


-Updating system
-Managing server/updating server (we have customer service and a server company so they will be able to help with this as well with any questions they have a 24 hour call in support line)
-Text/format changes/ updates
-Troubleshooting customer issues - site or testing not working correctly


- Have IT competency in the following: (Insert relevant terms)
-Extensive knowledge of PHP
-Strong experience using LAMP architecture with FreeBSD
-System Administration of Freebsd/Postfix)
-Emacs or any other on server editor.
-System admin (free BSD)
-applications developer
-self-starter who will help to keep the site working on his own not just when problems arise.

...or be very capable and be willing to learn those that you do not.

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