IT/Computer Systems Intern

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Company Location: Ontario, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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SWESTN: Social Media and Networking technologies

SWESTN is proud to have you as its member and announcing this great news to its prestigious global audience. The advancement in information communication Technologies (ICT) gave birth to social media as we are experiencing today in the form of SWESTN. While most of us are directly or indirectly accepting social media as a tool to socialize and communicate SWESTN goes a step further and propose social medial as a tool to disseminate the scientific and technological advancement. The leading schools of engineering and technology are introducing web based courses, practicals and simulations made available for a global audience.

Now, SWESTN has got inputs from its members worldwide audience to assist in identifying and conducting the internships and technical projects . These internships would be facilitated by SWETSN members and its associated companies located around the world.
1, The internship position is virtual and does not require your physical presence in the company. The position is honorary and does not include any stipend.
2, What: You are expected to document facilitate the communication between the members located around the globe.
3, Where: The company is spread across the globe. Moreover, most of its members are living in US and Canada. Any one located in USA or Canada can work from home and arrange the e-meetings between as many members as possible to develop synergy and commonalty of purpose.
4, When: The internship starts with the immediate effect and may last for 03 months -06 months (flexible).
5, Why: The social media and networking have emerged as a new technology. The utilization of the emerging technology to assist the young and senior professionals in sharpening their research abilities. The internees will be able to train themselves and develop a role model that validates the impact of emerging technology.
Thanking you,

Dr Ghous Narejo,
Manager, SWESTN


- Coordinate with teams to utilize technology to improve communication
- Contribute in improving functionality and profitability for computer systems


- Have IT competency in the following: (Insert relevant terms)
- Understand how computers and software can increase efficiency
- Possess skills in analyzing, formulating, trouble-shooting, and synthesizing

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