IT/Computer Systems Intern

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Company Location: Anaheim, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Part-time, Unpaid

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Invitation to TRUST AliveMind Member : Why Who What How Where When..
TRUST . A member is protector of that word in our organization.

Anything, as a group (AliveMind members) considers to represent TRUST, is protected by members and all of our codes of conduct.

We start anew, with a new relationship. We begin with TRUSTING each other. We disclose what we MUST to ensure our TRUST is maintained. How much burden and stress and hidden passages you wish to keep in your heart, all is upto YOU. As organization, which also has responsibilities towards safety, is open to all , and exceptions are those which members who are mothers have deemed risky enough to be considered for reconsideration and those who are listed on Megan’s Law. We do TRUST AND BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES, and there is a line, we have drawn.

Member is aware and practices the principals of team work, collaborative daily celebration of achievements and being relentless in meeting goals – by supporting each others dreams with love support and not caring if money will come or not, because – we are AliveMind, connected.

Connected, we may be FULL OF ABUNDANCE and RESOURCES, we BALANCE.

Now we can do, WHAT ALL HAVE BEEN SAYING. We have tapped in using technology which we – the generation before had envisioned, and we are right on target. Using what small group of investors and creators of amazing tools, we are now used to giving, teaching, investing, and create win win.

We have OUR trust IN OUR SYSTEM. We teach that and how to duplicate IN ALIVEMIND 101.

A member is an individual who is learning those tools, side by side , with those who built them. Member, through them and through their experiences brings efficiency.

A member is a student, and a client. Both requires TRUST. A member is also a Mentor and investor for others in AliveMind connections. ALL of us, have adopted TRUST as our currency. We practice.

In all cases, member is the one who is connected using relationship and vibration equations ( Heavy math algorithms – consciousness level math experience) used in our profiling snapshot convergence, where an individual now is given all the resources of a FORTUNE 500 Organization, and bring members to realize thier TRUE POWER AND POTENTIAL.

IN short, we profile our members based on certain traits, and we connect them to RIGHT project/contract/ Opportunity. Of-course, being in service to our client also generates TRUST, by results.

Members are the one who are motivated and knows juice of life fulfilled is all about giving, communications and relationship.
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- Coordinate with teams to utilize technology to improve communication
- Contribute in improving functionality and profitability for computer systems
- Be creative, organized and detail oriented when comes to documentation.
- Take responsibility for documenting the processes and systems.


- Have IT competency in the following: (Insert relevant terms)
- Understand how computers and software can increase efficiency
- Possess skills in analyzing, formulating, trouble-shooting, and synthesizing

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