Information Technology Optimization Internship

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EmeraldPlanet based in America's capital Washington, D.C., is looking for a talented, self-motivated, intelligent, outgoing, and well-organized individual to assist the organization's technology needs, including the website, database, expansion of the WIFI, and network activities. The IT Intern will assist the Executive Director, Board of Advisors, and other Interns with various projects to support the organization's technological needs.


· Set up new computer workstations and install software, if and as needed;
· Upgrade existing workstations with hardware and software, if and as needed;
· Assist with the organization's help desk to assist staff with computer problems;
· Assist with the development of the organization's photographs archives and database;
· Scan images, build the database, and maintain the archive of photographic originals;
· Assist with website updates using the publishing tool and basic HTML knowledge;
· Database projects as assigned utilizing the organization database iMIS.

More Web work could be available to the intern based on his or her skill level with HTML, ASP, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking sites. Work will include assisting with updating and possibly redesigning the current organizational websites, linking the organizational websites to those of the various Embassies and their home countries, and entering all submissions from the various Embassies and key leaders of their home countries into the organizational websites on a timely and as needed basis through direct assignment by a specified member of the Board of Advisors, the Executive Director, or other Interns.


The ideal candidate for this position has:

Prior knowledge of the information technology field through academic preparation and practical working experience in information technology or a related subject. The position is open to start immediately and continue throughout the semester for which selected and possibly beyond based upon mutual agreement between the EmeraldPlanet and the respective intern.


· HTML, Adobe Photoshop, and Web development skills.
· Knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
· Strong ability to learn software programs and teach the 'Executive Committee' and other interns on how to use them.
· Ability to communicate and interact with staff in a professional and courteous manner.
· Have excellent written and communication skills in English and his/her native language if different than English;
· Be resourceful and able to multi-task and maintain organizational skills with little direct supervision;
· Be self-motivated with the ability to take initiative and responsibility for timely execution of assigned tasks;
· Sundays will require late afternoon and evening duties to help produce and broadcast our global television program "The EmeraldPlanet" each week such as creating the evening segments PowerPoint, greeting the various guests at the Channel 10 TV Studio, assisting with the production and broadcasting of each television program, posting the television programs, individual photographs taken within each segment, overviews, and full particulars of each guest on the EmeraldPlanet web site, among other activities.

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