Junior Developer

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Interested in having a big part to play on innovating projects? Your problem solving ability will be key to the company's success. Being able to develop great software that can be released in a timely manner is essential. We want cool and cutting edge. We take pride in working with new technologies and therefore expect anyone who is part of our team to share the same passion. Learning new programming languages, frameworks, build automation tools and development environments is part of our culture.

AFM Solution is an all in one firm focusing on web and mobile solution for business or personal. We are able to develop custom solutions, optimize simple but sophisticated systems, market and track your end product. With our in-house team of experts who are focused on building a certain product dedicated to your business needs. These experts who spend time with you to understand your needs and your target market. We then analyze your industry and competitors before asserting our suggested plan of action. We create the simplest, most affordable, and easiest to use solution for small and large facilities. We turn regular day to day costs into an opportunity to increase your profits.

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-Undergraduate working towards a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics.
-Excellent analytic and time management skills.
-Ability to quickly learn and apply software technology
-Demonstrated Javascript, CSS, and HTML ability
-Experience with Java
-Understanding of basic software engineering concepts and the software testing life cycle
-Knowledge of open source concepts, relational databases, and frontend technologies with experience in any of the following specific areas being a bonus: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, SQL, XML
-Meticulous attention to detail is required
-Strong communication and collaboration skills
-Proactive, team player able to work adeptly in a fast-paced environment


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