Los Angeles Developers and Computer Engineers!

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FanWire is open for business, and we are looking for a solid team of Los Angeles developers that are interested in joining one of the hottest startups on the web.

Ok, so maybe we aren't launched just yet.. But we have a pretty bad ass prototype, a unique design and a very complex system to create a really cool social network that isn't being done right now... We aggregate media from all over into a single platform. Join the site, tell your friends, and explore what we have and solve what we need to become even better.


You're going to be coding. New challenges and new areas of the site every day. You're working with an innovative team that is really pushing this site hard, so you'll be a part of something big. We believe greatly that paying your dues is a must and you will be rewarded if you can stick it out.

Yeah, you can apply to San Francisco's tech world and hope they accept you and you'll be among hundreds if not thousands of others.. Or you can stay local in LA, enjoy the LA life, and be a part of a project that is exciting and has a lot of perks with our media connections that the others don't have.


Computer Science or Computer Engineering Major
Intern 1: Python, MongoDB experience
Intern 2: Javascript, HTML5, AJAX, JQuery

You will have to come in for an interview and sign some confidentiality agreements. We'll also have to test you and your abilities, so we're going to break some code and have you fix it. Definitely have your A game on.

If you belong to any hack a thons, let us know which and some of the projects you've been on.

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