Southeastern Illinois Microsoft Office 365 Deployment & Administration Internship

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The primary focus of Butler Business & Technology Solutions (BBTS), in partnership with Microsoft Corporation, is to support business growth and economic development in Southeastern Illinois. BBTS provides training, technical support, and delegated administration, for the current generation of virtualization technology, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure. We serve and support individuals, businesses, schools, non-profits, and local governments, as they adopt new technologies.
We analyze and audit our client’s business processes and procedures, current budget, and short and long range plans or goals. This enables BBTS to customize software and hardware capabilities, and redesign the business productivity system to create new efficiencies, and reduce the bottom line! IT security best practices, industry specific guidance from PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or FFIEC, and management controls, are implemented as part of the redesign process.
BBTS continues to remove viruses and malware, sell and repair computers and related software and hardware, sell and support wired and wireless networks, and general IT support services. Most work is performed on the customer’s premises, or conducted via remote support technology.

Specialized Services:
Business Information Technology Systems Intelligence, Analysis, and Design
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Azure
Registered Microsoft Partner
Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner
Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

BBTS Internship Program Goal
Create a trusted group of IT professionals with certifications and competencies to deploy, administer, support, and train, Microsoft Office 365 and hybrid on-premise/cloud networks.


Interns (1) and volunteers (1) will receive access to the Internal Use Rights (IUR) benefits available to BBTS, and must agree to Microsoft’s Licensing Agreements and Policies, as required by the Microsoft Partner Network.
Interns will be encouraged complete a Microsoft Certification, preferably Windows Operating System, Microsoft Server 2012, or Microsoft Office. Specific training will be made available at no expense to the intern, using both the Microsoft Partner Learning Center, and ITPRO.TV (An online provider of Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, etc, certification training). A virtual lab, and a Certification practice exam are included with the ITPRO.TV subscription.
A 40% discount is available for Microsoft certification exams. BBTS will seek free exam vouchers for all participants from the US Microsoft Partner Network, and seek to provide transportation and lunch for groups taking exams.
ITPRO.TV provides BBTS interns a 30-day full access subscription to their service. Interns that complete a Microsoft Certification within the 30-day free subscription, will qualify to continue as an unpaid Intern (2) or volunteer (2). Their continued subscriptions to ITPRO.TV will be provided as a program benefit. If an intern can’t complete a certification within the free subscription period, BBTS will advocate on the interns behalf for an extension of the subscription (not to exceed 30-days).
Additional Training
The self-study training resources from the Microsoft Partner Learning Center, and ITPRO.TV, allow for continued specialization within the diverse IT community. Unpaid interns (2) and volunteers (2) are expected to graduate High School (or attain GED), and encouraged to continue formal education.
All Interns will be encouraged to contact Non-Profit organizations, Libraries, Museums, and Schools, and introduce “the cloud”. By providing self-guided resources and case studies, these organizations will become familiar with the change in technology, and how it will impact their operations.
When opportunities become available to deploy Office 365, interns will assist with pre-installation, and use Microsoft’s Office 365 FastTrack Deployment methodology to convert users from on-premise software to cloud based services.
Since our services reside in the cloud, the need for physical business locations are not required. Interns will work and study from their home offices, eliminating the costs associated with a storefront. To provide trusted service to its customers, BBTS will seek partnerships with local school districts and their associated community college or university. Interns will regularly meet (physically) at their local school, but be in constant communication between each other, using Microsoft’s collaboration tools and enterprise social media.


Should be an incoming High School Senior, or currently enrolled in a higher education program, such as technical school, college or university, and reside in Southeastern Illinois. Applicants who reside outside of Southeastern Illinois will be directed to the "BBTS Microsoft Office 365 Deployment & Administration Internship".

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