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Today, HTML email developers face a rather difficult challenge to ensure that their email renders correctly across each of the most popular email clients and mobile devices.

Email on Acid ( is an on-line service that provides screen captures of HTML emails. Our customers submit their HTML or URL, from there, we send their source code to each client and parse together screen captures. We have built proprietary applications that run on Windows and Mac operating systems. We plan to add application support for mobile devices that run Android SDK, Blackberry, and iOS platforms.

Aside from our proprietary desktop applications our public website is an integral part of our customer proposition and conversion process. Members can sign-up, make purchases, run tests, review tips and tricks for resolving issues, review a code analysis which identifies individual lines of code that are not supported in each email client, etc.

We've used many programming languages for our desktop and web applications. Those include C#, Obj-C, PHP, Javascript/jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

We offer a fun, exciting environment where you can grow and learn as a developer. Want to learn Obj-C - go for it! Want to dive into mobile device emulators, it's all you! If you are ready and willing, we will accommodate your natural interests and help you build up your resume with real-life experience.


Design, code, test, debug, document, and maintain desktop and web based applications.


Must have some prior knowledge of:
PHP, SQL, Javascript/Jquery, HTML and CSS

Must be able to commute to our offices in Denver, Colorado.

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