Seeking App Developers (iPhone, iPod, iPad): Internship & Full-Time Employment

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We are seeking an energetic, informative and talented Objective-C and Xcode app developer intern to be a part of our 3-month internship program, followed by full-time employment plus fringe benefits.* You will work in a relaxing and entertaining, yet professional environment with our motivated and creative development team. You will take on such responsibilities that will enhance your creativity and learning experience, as well as advance your career as a developer.

The working environment at iPlayTones is not like a standard app development company. We are a 24-hour facility and have extremely flexible working hours with our employees and internship programs. If you are not a current student (such as a graduate) or you never went to a college or university for app development training, but you do have experience and the skills to code, you can apply and we encourage you to do so. We have worked with many colleges and universities across the United States offering student internships with our internship program.

Throughout and upon internship completion, you will receive internship credit as needed by your college or university, receive app credit for all apps that you work on and numerous free app promo codes during your internship at iPlayTones. After your internship is complete, you will be hired by iPlayTones as a full-time employee and receive fringe benefits along with your salary.*

* Salary will be based on several factors and will be determined prior to internship completion. Full-time employment will be based on your knowledge and learning curve throughout the 3-month internship program with iPlayTones, LLC.


• 3-month unpaid internship, followed by full-time employment.
• Write, edit and enhance code, while working alongside and learning from one of our developers on fun and entertaining apps.
• Become creative, learn new development skills, test new app features, functionality and distribute apps with our team.
• Expand on your skills by troubleshooting and gaining advice and new ways to code for a better user experience.


Minimum Requirements:

• Please send resume and if possible, a few samples of your work
• Knowledge of basic app development for iPhone, iPod, & iPad and SDK
• XCode, Objective-C
• Understanding basic use of audio in an app and/or streaming audio
• Ability to thrive in a relaxed, fast-paced and entertaining working environment
• Software, Computer or IT Educational degree is NOT REQUIRED, but you must know how to code basic app functionality.
Optional Knowledge:

• Basic to Advanced app development for Mac OS X
• Basic to Advanced app development for Amazon Kindle Fire or other Android platforms - Java, Eclipse
• Cocoa, C++, HTML5
• Adobe Photoshop
• Unity 3D
• Pro Tools and basic sound editing
• Final Cut Pro

How To Apply

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