Solby Infotech Inc Informatica Developer Training and placement program

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Solby Infotech based in Fremont, CA is a global firm providing training & placement in ETL/Informatica field.


1. Informatica 9.x Architecture and Basics
" Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence basics and concepts
" Informatica Product Overview
" Informatica DI Life Cycle
" Informatica Architecture Overview
" Understanding Domains and Nodes Overview
" Overview of Client tools and Server tools
" PowerCenter Designer Overview
" PowerCenter Workflow Manager and Monitor Overview
" Workflow and Session Properties

2. Basic Functionality Labs - Extract and Load Jobs
" File types( Fixed Flat file, Delimited File )
" Importing Source file/Target File (Fixed width , Delimited) and File Properties
" Lab 1 - Install & Configure Informatica Client tool
" Lab 2 - Importing File Definition Using Designer
" Lab 3- Creating Mapping, Session and Workflow to Load data from File to File
" Lab 4- Creating Mapping, Session and Workflow to Load data from File to table

3. PowerCenter Transformations, Tasks and Reusability
" Active and Passive Transformations
" Expression Transformation
" Filter Transformation and Router Transformations
" Reusable Transformations and their usage
" Lab 5 - Create a mapping using expression and filter transformations and load data to a table/file

4. Joiner and Source Qualifier Transformations
" Homogenous and Heterogeneous Sources
" Types of Joins and link conditions
" Difference between Source Qualifier and Joiner
" Lab 6- Create a mapping that uses Source Qualifier and Joiner transformations

5. Sequence Generators, Lookups and Caching
" Sequence Generator transformation
" Connected and Unconnected Lookups
" Types of Lookup cache and their usage
" Static and Dynamic Lookups
" Lab 7 - Create a mapping that uses lookup transformation to get values from database

6. Aggregator, Sorter, Update Strategy Transformations
" Sorter and Aggregator transformations overview
" Aggregate functions
" Optimizing Aggregator transformation performance
" Lab 8 - Use these transformations and create a mapping to aggregate data and load to a fact table

7. Mapping Parameters/Variables, Workflow Variables and Tasks, Mapplets and Worklets
• Describe Mapping Parameters and Variables and Initialization priority
• Outline Mapplets and Worklets and their usage
• Overview of Workflow tasks,variables and their usage
• Lab 9 – Create a workflow and use an assignment task to evaluate the value of a workflow variable

8. Parameter Files, Command Tasks, Error logging/Handling
• Overview of Parameter files and their usage in Workflows
• Discuss Command tasks and their usage
• Error handling strategies using Informatica mappings and session properties
• Lab 10 – Create a workflow that uses parameter file to determine the filter criteria for extracting source data

9. Mapping and Workflow Design Workshop


Training will last for 4-6 weeks
Sure shot placements


Some SQL Knowledge
Some Data warehousing concepts

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