Technology and Development Internship

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Sport195, Inc.
140 East 45th Street, 30th Floor
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Paid

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You will be working on a massive, distributed, and reactive application comprised of data processing, web, and mobile services beautifully orchestrated to build the most intelligent and powerful sports platform in the galaxy. We believe in functional programming (so project your brain into that abstract algebra space), getting as concurrent as we can before turning all of our processor cores into molten silicate sludge (we <3 actors, futures, and promises), composing micro services for massive results, and machine learning because it is the machines that will inherit the Earth.

Our platform is built on top of Scala, NodeJS, MySQL, ElasticSearch and MongoDB and it is designed to scale!

You are studying or have studied one or all of computer science, math, geology, physics, or some kind of computational biology. You probably have a t-shirt with Donald Knuth's face on it. There is a non-zero probability you have a tattoo of Euler's formula or the y combinator. You might just be doing this while you wait for the check from your VC to clear for the startup you cofounded. You have an undeniable urge to harness the sports data output of the world and make it bow to your statistical whims.

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