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Hi! I'm looking for an aspiring web designer/developer who is enthusiastic about his/her craft and is willing to commit to building a small, location-independent design business. The business focuses on highly minimal, text-based microsite design (limited graphics). We make sites beautiful via simplicity, typography, and CSS.


This is unpaid and will be until I can start bringing in a substantial number of clients. As an incentive, I may consider having you partner with me if I find, after a trial period, that you're the appropriate candidate.

To apply, please do the following and send it to
Build a small website: 2-3 pages max, very simple, content/topic of your choosing
Explain what motivates you to design anything
Potential time commitment schedule



Consult/assist on mockups and designs
Lead generation


Substantial amount of free time
Decent/growing understanding of HTML/CSS
+ JavaScript and/or programming experience
+ Graphic design experience

How To Apply

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