Web Developer for Wordpress and Shopify

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We are a boutique apparel company looking to serve the Caribbean niche and its diaspora. Our motto is Unity, Culture, Pride. Our brand is something our underserved community can rally around. Our aim is to someday produce garments in Haiti and in so doing bring employment and development there. Check us out at www.caribbeanapparel.net.

You would be working under our Creative Director, helping to make enhancements to our website. We also have other websites we are developing but we can discuss that after we try out working together.

You can do this internship from anywhere. It will only be a few hours a week at most. You can post it on your portfolio or use us as references.

If you're interested in making money, we have a profit sharing program to incentivize anyone interested in seeking out wholesale relationships with vendors who might want to sell CA products. Which means selling to stores, airports, gift shops, school and community groups, etc.


Execute integral improvements to our online store and other sites. We take an agile development approach, which means one task at a time.


Must be able to work with Shopify, Wordpress, and Facebook.

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