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We are looking for an individual with experience in server-side development to help design, test, and deploy a web-based portal that our national affiliates can use to upload mentor data into our central Salesforce.com database. The portal can be developed in any language (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.), but it must offer the following functionality:

(1) Unique username/password login for each affiliate chapter
(2) Bi-directional integration with data in our Salesforce.com database (read, edit, upload)
(3) Role permissions (i.e. affiliates cannot access/edit mentor data uploaded by other affiliates)
(4) CSV bulk upload

The intern can work at his/her own pace, and will be provided full access to our server with all of the needed development resources.

We are a startup nonprofit, and as thus, this is an unpaid opportunity. Upon succcessful completion of the project, however, you will receive a sparkling letter of recommendation from our Executive Director. Depending on the quality of your work, we may also be willing to personally recommend you to the members of our large network of advisers and partners, many of whom hold top positions in well-known private-sector corporations.

This opportunity is perfect for up-and-coming web developers who are looking to expand their project portfolio in a meaningful way.


Please refer to the Description section for a thorough explanation of the intern responsibilities.


(1) Willing to get dirty with the Salesforce API
(2) Fluent in front-end scripting/styling languages (HTML and CSS)
(3) Strong familiarity with at least one server-side language
(4) Familiarity with database management

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