Web Master Developer Internship

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Various Locations
Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Penphoria is an Atlanta-based writing and publishing company that specializes in creating, drafting, editing, proofreading, restructuring, and revising academic, artistic, business, career, creative, literary, music, technical, and web-based writing. Our goal for every project is to ensure its contents are grammatically, mechanically, and structurally sound. In addition, Penphoria will produce, direct, and release fictional and nonfictional stage plays, documentaries, films, television, and web-based series adapted from internal and external literary works.

Penphoria is currently seeking a Webmaster/Developer (Intern) in Atlanta, GA, who is an expert in Wordpress web development and can maintain the functionality, integrity, and upkeep of the Penphoria website.


-Assist the Penphoria team with the creation and overseeing of site performance
-Ensure software, servers and hardware all run accurately
-Review site analytic operations
-Troubleshoot site issues and bugs
-Collaborate with Pen team to create and enhance site designs
-Conduct site tests
-Assist in managing site access and rights


-College students, recent graduates, and graduate students working towards or having obtained a BA/BS or higher degree in graphic arts and design, visual arts, or other related fields.
-Possess excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, and must be able to interact and communicate effectively up, down, across, and outside the firm.
-Must be self-directed, reliable, and maniacally focused in planning and implementing public relations tasks and duties
-Must be able to effectively use office equipment, computers and scanner, and other resources for completion of projects to meet the needs and objectives of the PR department
-Must maintain active participation in continuing education and career development activities and programs
-Must be able to manage own time, establish schedules, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously

How To Apply

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