Web Programmer/Innovator/Developer/Maintenance Intern

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JetLed Enterprises
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Paid

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JetLed Enterprises (JetLed) provides executive level consulting services to private businesses and entrepreneurs. JetLed works both in C-suite leadership capacities for existing private businesses or assist C-suite business leaders with achieving their goals.

Please only apply to this position if you have think outside of the box abilities as this internship is for talented programmers who are ready for opportunities to show their creativity to help businesses solve problems through web-based technical innovation.

We are looking for Interns that are technically savvy to work on a team to develop, program and maintain programming within highly innovative websites and create proprietary programs for web based businesses. As a JetLed Intern you will work on multiple client projects at the same time. JetLed's current clients range from a retail resortwear company to a venture capitalist firm. You will sit on teams to map out the needs of the project for your area of expertise and present ideas and solutions for potential implementation.

This is a growth potential internship position. A successful intern in this position can grow from a Learning Probationary Intern (non-paid position), to a Lead Intern (paid position), to a Preliminary Consultant (paid position), to a Complete Consultant (paid position), to a permanent JetLed team member.


As a Web Programmer/Innovator/Developer/Maintenance Intern you will work on projects on a need basis. Some projects will be short-term others will be long-term. You will be required to learn and understand the desired project goals, work independently on technical solutions through programming and present your ideas and solutions to the team withing specific time frames. You must be technically savvy enough to program without technical supervision or instruction. In this role you must be able to provide the web programming solutions both independently and as a team with other programmers when applicable. As such you must have good communication skills.

In this position you will also perform website review and maintenance like: reviewing a clients brand web presence to make sure there are no errors or problems that need correction, keep abreast of statistics and volume to a client's website, provide website maintenance and programming to existing websites, develop strategies on how to best drive more activity to the website from a technical perspective, monitor daily updates needed to the website.

You must have good writing and presentation skills in order to explain your ideas to present both internally and externally to clients.


Must have significant depth, knowledge and experience in all common computer programming languages. Must be sophisticated enough as a programmer to develop programs that may not have existed before. Must enjoy creative programming.

While we prefer knowledge through documented education course work at accredited higher learning institutions we will consider applicants who are largely self-taught programmers if their skill level and ability to communicate in a business setting outweighs education credentials.

Education Requirements: If currently enrolled in school or recent graduate: you must be at least a Junior or higher at an accredited College or University, must have a 3.0 or better in all technical coursework, must have samples of your programming, must be able to provide a copy of your college transcripts, you must have a reference from at least one technical instructor.

If you have technical school or gained your knowledge outside of a College or University: you must be able to provide your technical school transcripts, if applicable; describe in written detail what programming skills and languages you have in depth knowledge of; have a minimum of 5 sophisticated programs that you have developed independently and are able to show and describe what they do and how they are programmed; and have at least 3 technical references from people that you have learned from and worked with.

All applicants must have some related work experience, have a strong work ethic, be very dependable, able to work at least 20 hours per week including some weekends, have the ability to travel, and have checkable credentials and references.

Must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing in English.

If you are not a US citizen you must be able to show documentation that you can legally work in the United States and be able to work under a legal contract. All US citizens must be able to show a certified birth certificate or current passport to prove citizenship.

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