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City Dog Share
Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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City Dog Share is a free dog-sitting co-op for people who love dogs. We are organizing localized facebook groups for people to connect and help each other with their dogs. We currently have open groups in SF Bay, LA, Humboldt, Portland, and Seattle. Soon expanding to San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque.

The free dog-sitting groups take place on facebook. But the monetization will happen on the website.

We currently have a very simple html site acting mainly as a placeholder until rambo comes along and blows the whole thing up into awesometown. Looking for a website developer or small team to make this happen.

Ideally, you are a tech student with great skills, looking for the world's greatest project to showcase them. City Dog Share is looking to become the largest social nonprofit in the country. Even if we can't pay you now, you could get excellent school credit for this. And, it would be comparable to saying you built "a nationwide craigslist for dogs" on your resume. Lots of people have dogs.


Looking to get a good beta build up over summer. We will outline the desired feature set with you before implementation, and your feedback will be appreciated. This will be a huge experience for your resume.


Wordpress, shopping cart, adwords, seo. Must be able to develop custom modules with facebook integration and preferably customize themes too. If you can do one or two of these things well, we can add another partner to fill in the blanks. You will also need to be trustworthy and have references to prove it. These can probably come from your professors or department chairs who will be giving you course credit for your work.

Calendars, parent/child profiles, reviews tabs, etc. All for later down the line. The sooner we get adwords or other cash coming in, the sooner we can pay for you.

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