The best way to bridge the gap between finishing school and getting a job in journalism is to have an internship. Internships give you on-the-job experience, help you learn whether you and that industry are a good match, and can provide you with valuable connections and references. The key to a good internship job search is to keep an open mind. If you think you want a job in journalism, don't limit yourself to applying for an internship at your favorite TV station. The field of journalism is incredibly broad. Students can finding journalism related internships in sports, fashion, newspapers, magazines, medicine, science, music and more. Search our internship listings to learn what types of intern job opportunities are available in each field and where they are available.

If you're not sure what type of journalism you want to get into, apply for a variety of journalism internships that sound interesting and use the experience you gain to learn more about what you want to do. Whether you want a semester-long or summer internship, there are jobs for interns available throughout the year.

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