Aspiring Political Journalist? New Blogging Platform Seeking Summer & Fall Interns

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Are you a Poli Sci major or someone engaged in national and world politics with strong writing chops? is a new social blogging site that brings bloggers — and their content — together around topics and issues, enabling bloggers to reach new audiences and increase their online profile.

Tremr is currently being piloted by a group of NYC bloggers who are developing and curating content across across politics, art, events, and opinions -- but with a particular focus on politics.

That’s where you come in.

Tremr is seeking interns who are Poli Sci majors or interested in political journalism to join the team at 10 hours/week to assist with research, formatting and potential for writing. Learn the ins and outs of launching a startup. Growth potential and bylines available.

If interested, please write with a short description of your interests and talents, and how you would best contribute to the Tremr team.


Interns are responsible for: researching topics and generating leads, writing articles, and participating in group workshops. Interns also assist with social media outreach and new user acquisition. The group meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for a total of 10 hours. In addition to these sessions, interns are expected to spend an additional 5 hours researching, completing writing assignments, and contributing to the site daily.



How To Apply

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