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Great Seed Inc. (GreatSeed) is an exciting start-up that aims to build a website based global community for cultural preservation, transmission and innovation. Nowadays in the fast-paced modern age of information, too often a time our cultural heritages are drowned in the globalized pop culture and mass production. Against this current, Great Seed is on a quest to locate and introduce the best of our cultural heritages, in the form of the finest handcrafted artworks and designs worldwide, to the global audience, in order to preserve cultures and inspire innovations.

With big dreams ahead, we are starting our journey step by step. Our first project is targeting China, the vast country that has 5000 thousand years of history and countless treasures for us to discover and pass on – not just the handicrafts themselves but also the beautiful stories behind.

In late 2013 we have initiated the Slow Made in China campaign, in which we hope to build a community that appreciates traditional and indigenous culture, handmade craftsmanship, as well as innovative designs that evolve traditional handicrafts. The word “slow”, as opposed to “fast” in “fast food”, underscores our philosophy that the best things take time to design, craft and prefect, just like fine wine.

Along the way, we need exceptional wordsmiths to tell the stories that these handcrafted cultural artworks as well as the masters/artists behind the works deserve. We need passionate writers who share our enthusiasm to pass on the legends, true stories and words of wisdom from the craft masters, in order to invite and gather people who have been in search of these cultural gems and inspirations.

For more information about GreatSeed, please visit our Facebook page:


• You will be provided with a pile of interview transcripts and audio files in Chinese and you will need to translate them into well-written English
• You will need to research and fact-checking about certain things, such as numbers, years, and proper translations of titles and names, mentions in the interviews
• You are welcomed to pitch creative ways of writing the stories about handicrafts and artists
• You will be able to work remotely as long as you can submit your works online on time


• BA in creative writing, journalism, communications, fine arts or any other relevant disciplines
• Independent research skills
• Strong attention to details
• Excellent reading and listening skills in Chinese
• Excellent writing skills in English
• Self-starter and ability to deliver quality work on time

Application procedure:
• Please prepare one writing sample (about 500 words) – journalistic or blog style preferred
• Please provide a translation (from Chinese to English) sample; if you do not have any, you will be given a test translation if you are seriously considered
• Please apply through your school’s website and email your resume, cover letter and writing samples to both and

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