Blogging Internship Opportunity

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Company Location: Nashville, TN
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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MidlevelU is an online company geared toward reaching midlevel health care providers, otherwise known as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. We are looking for a summer intern to help write blog content, witty marketing materials and help us keep up to date in the ever-changing blogging world.

Writing about healthcare sounds pretty boring. Why should I spend a few hours each week researching and exploring healthcare topics? MidlevelU strives to make medical topics interesting. For example, we write articles like “Don’t Bring Me Your Poop! My Nurse Practitioner Pet Peeves”. Now more than ever, healthcare is relevant! Individuals and employers are looking for content discussing recent changes in healthcare and predictions about the future. This means your articles will be read, a definite positive for your resume. Take on the challenge of engaging an audience of medical professionals and employers, who knows? Maybe your next post could go viral.


We are looking for an intern (or two or three!) to spend anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a week on MidlevelU related writing and other assignments. Assignments range anywhere from writing blog posts, researching content and helping create fun marketing materials. Because MidlevelU is a young company, this is an unpaid internship. But, we might take you out to lunch every once in a while. Oh yeah, and you can work primarily from home on your own schedule.


Ideally, we are seeking an English or Journalism major. We want someone who knows how to write. Any medical experience or interest, especially in the nursing field is a plus. Students with knowledge in graphic design are also encouraged to apply although design experience is certainly not necessary. Don’t meet any of these criteria? That’s OK. If you are interested send an application our way and let us know why you are a good fit for MidlevelU.

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