BrightBox Journalism & Public Relations Internship Program

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At BrightBox it is our goal to enrich the lives of our clients through creative and properly implemented marketing solutions. As a member of the BrightBox Internship Team, you will learn to create strategic PR campaigns, write press releases, distribute releases via our database of over 350,000 journalists, blog, manage online social media campaigns, develop media relationships, and much more.

Unlike most internships, you won’t be doing those tasks that no one else wants to do. You will be assisting and learning from our staff of industry experts, who will take an active and interested roll in teaching and empowering you to succeed.

You will experience real-life, on-the-job activities, sit in on business meetings, familiarize yourself with the day-to-day routine of a PR and marketing agency, and build relationships with established professionals.

Our goal is to play an active role in guiding and nurturing your blossoming career. We want to help you identify your strengths, and work with you to build upon your skills, aspirations, and potential. We are here to give you that on-the-job experience and industry acclimation which a classroom education cannot provide.

BrightBox is the fastest growing brand marketing firm in the Houston area, and a rising Inc 500 company. Branching across numerous industries, BrightBox clients range from small entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 50 companies. Their services include brand management, strategic marketing, public relations, graphic design, animation, video production, website development, and event marketing.

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Depending on your career goals and skill set, you will be involved in a selection of the following:

- Journalism
- Blogging
- Press Release Writing & Editing
- Press Release Distribution
- Website Copy Writing & Editing
- Brand Research Assistance
- Marketing Content Writing
- Social Media & Online Campaign Management
- Strategic PR Campaign Development & Implementation
- Email Newsletter Writing
- Media / Press Networking
- Project Management
- Business Meeting Attendance
- Learn, learn, learn! If you are interested in any aspect of our business, we will answer your questions and give you time in various departments to see how things work.


Writing: You must be - and aspire to be even more - skilled in expressing your thoughts via writing. You will be asked to edit and compose content for brands, events, news stories, and products.

Communication: You must be conversant and professional on the phone, via email, and during one on one conversations and meetings. You don’t have to be super outgoing or sales savvy, but you do need to be able to professionally express yourself.

Organization: Time management and the ability to hit deadlines will be important. You will be asked to manage schedules, book meetings and speaking engagements, and assist in the development and execution of multiple public relations and marketing campaigns.

Be Your(Best)Self: Whether you’re a creative innovator, an outgoing salesperson, or a super organized managerial whiz, we will help you hone your skills and work with you to maximize your natural abilities.

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