COPY WRITERS WANTED!! Internship for HANDS-ON experience PAY$ 150/WK

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Company Location: Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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QEB, LLC is NOW HIRING! We are a growing media and entertainment brand looking to add new team members to our staff. We will be opening an office in your city and 6 other countries over the next 6 months. Multi-lingual skills are a plus! We are looking for Production Assistants and Agents for the 5 projects currently in development: Talent, Magazine, Social Network, Feature-length Film, and a Charity.

If you are a Journalism, English, or Creative Writing majors, act NOW and FAST to reserve your spot in the career world.

Do not delay, we have 175 positions open and YOU could be in one of them. QEB works as your foundation to hands-on experience and will introduce you to aspects of the Journalism world you didn't know existed. QEB's goal is to create more jobs for our students and youth that want to start on their future, but don't know where to start. You start HERE, your time is NOW!


As an intern with QEB, you will complete basic and industry training. You will also complete assignments matched with goals and you will get the opportunity to show charisma, critical thinking, determination, and work ethic.

Publishing QEB, your team, will be working on book publishing, magazine publishing, editorial work, journalism, copy editing, and copy writing.


Must APPLY w/ RESUME and HEADSHOT, Kalaisha Totty #4045329232

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! WE TRAIN! A LOVE for learning new things, promotions, fundraising, retail, and customer service is a plus!!! Plz reply with resume/headshot and call me 12-4PM ET for an interview at 404-532-9232. Must have a positive attitude, computer access, good verbal and written communications skills, critical thinking skills, and be available at least twice a week 10PM - 12AM ET for conference calls. Don't mind text blasting, e-blasting, social media, telemarketing, and networking at events. This is a HIGH PROFILE, HIGHLY COMPETITIVE, ENTRY-LEVEL POSITION. Plz be honest when you call: if you have a record or disability, need a work visa, or struggling to make ends meet. We can't help you, unless YOU are serious about MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE, by helping us make a difference in the lives of others.

WE COMMENSURATE with EXPERIENCE: 5-40% commission @ 3-6 mos, $100 stipend + commission @ 6-12 mos, $10-25/hr @ 2-4 yrs

Plz study these links before you call:
QEB Handbook:

QEB Foundation EX3:

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