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Equity Partner Match connects skilled people with growing companies as new business partners, bringing people together to work for an equity stake in the company. People fill out a long survey about their interests and values to match up with other people like them. Companies can post equity position opportunities to bring people on. What we more people to sign up! That's where this ninja comes in. He or she will blog, tweet and post all over the place about startups, businesses, finding the right partner and other topics that the people we are trying to attract to our site would be interested in so that people will join our site. A lot of autonomy and if it works equity stake in the company!


You will be writing about Equity Partner Match. A lot. You will be emailing other companies, other websites, government agencies, small business associations and anyone else that wants to help grow businesses -- anywhere in the world -- asking them to feature Equity Partner Match. You will have a large degree of autonomy and will be expected to produce a lot of content and reach out to a lot of organizations with the pitch about our community and our company. SInk or swim, ninja!


You must be an excellent writer. You must be enthusiastic and a self-starter. You must be fired up and ready to go and constantly look for new ways to reach more people with the power of your words to understand what our site is about and convince them to join it. Other than that, we're open.

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