Writers and Editors for Fall/ Winter 2015

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Greetings from THE LATEST (thelatest.com).

Heard the latest?

We are a soon-to-launch website called "THE LATEST." We have an international team that is continually growing.

As part of our offering, we will produce text, photos, videos and social media posts in which we discuss "the latest" in news, sports, gadgets, gossip, wine, fly fishing, comedy, viral videos, the weather, politics, music -- anything at all.

THELATEST.com is looking to expand its editorial team. As part of this team you will be working in close contact with fellow journalists/editors, the video production team, social media and marketing team and our off-site bloggers.

PLEASE NOTE: This idea is still in the early stages and we are pre-launch, pre-funding, pre-just about everything. We do have a demo site and we also have programmers programming. We hope to launch by Summer 2015.


Interview people, write stories on topics that are all about what's new and exciting.

If you like doing videos, you can help with that, including appearing on camera.

Train and coordinate with bloggers who understand topics you'll oversee.

Help us keep our data base fresh -- the right sources, keywords, stories, etc. NOTE: Some of this can seem fairly clerical, but it's important. Computers can't read your mind, you have to tell them what to do.


Great passion for, and knowledge about, a topic.

Great writing and editing skills.

Social media skills a big plus.

If you are good with technology (smartphones, apps, uploading, downloading, etc.) that's another big plus.

We are in West LA. These particular internships must be done here, out of our office. A virtual internship wouldn't work for this assignment, but if you want to become part of our virtual blogging team, let us know.

See our splash page at www.thelatest.com. You will learn more about the project. Click on "meet the team" to see what internship experience is like. Interns love THE LATEST!

Thanks for your interest.

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