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Greetings. My name is Jeff Hall. I’m a former VP from the Los Angeles Times.

I’m spearheading an online startup called “THE LATEST” (I nabbed the URL, thelatest.com, way back in 1996).

Last month, 55 million Google searches included the word “latest” (the latest news, latest justin bieber, latest iphone, etc.).

THE LATEST has the potential to become a world-class brand. Everyone wants to know the latest. But keeping up is hard. We’re all drowning in information.

Several smart people (media executives, PhDs, student interns from all around the world) and I literally spent the last few years tackling the issue of “information overload” head on. I’m happy to report we’ve come up with something pretty amazing.

THE LATEST seeks to launch in June of 2014. There is much work to be done between now and then.

We have a need for FOUR editors: Breaking News; Lifestyle/Entertainment; Products; Hobbies/Passions. You will help us assemble a team of bloggers in your category. For example, within Lifestyle/Entertainment, we will cover gossip, movies, TV, music, games, etc. You will help find writers who are knowledgeable about these sub-topics. If you become our Breaking News Editor, you help us assemble writers who will cover news, politics, international affairs, sports, business, etc. This is not so much a writing or even editing job just yet; right now we need strong, "in control" editors to help us build the organization. You will be interfacing regularly with writers, videographers, etc.

Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to: hr@thelatest.com.

Jeff Hall, CEO


Go over resumes we've already received.

Match those up with topics we want to cover.

Figure out who our strongest contributors will be; determine what gaps remain to be filled.

Build an editorial team we can rely on once we go live (projected summer of 2014). We could use help between now and then, but if you can only come during the summer, that can still work.


Great passion for, and knowledge about, a topic.

Great writing and editing skills.

Social media skills a big plus.

If you are good with technology (smartphones, apps, uploading, downloading, etc.) that's another big plus.

We are in West LA. These particular internships must be done here, out of our office. A virtual internship wouldn't work for this assignment, but if you want to become part of our virtual blogging team, let us know.

Thanks for your interest.

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