Editorial Intern

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Pure Wander Magazine
Company Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Pure Wander Magazine is seeking editorial interns to assist with research and to write articles.

What we do: Pure Wander Magazine concentrates on unique, culturally relevant experiences for parents to do with their kids which will take adventures abroad and in the backyard to a higher level. This can range from elephant rides in Thailand to boating lessons in the Florida Keys—we offer insightful travel options for exceptional experiences. You won’t find Mickey Mouse advice here; we believe that children are capable of great things and are able to adapt to exotic and unique situations right alongside their parents. There is almost no limit to where and when a child can travel with their family and we hope to encourage others to expand the minds of their little ones and explore the whole world!

Why we are different: The travel industry is flooded with publications that focus on budget travel, leisure travel, adventure travel, and travel to specific locations—and sometimes they print stories about traveling with kids. Parenting sites are filled with “how to travel with…” and “where to go with…” articles. Family travel websites focus on “family-friendly” locations, spring break and summer trips, as well as things you can do in popular destinations. Oftentimes this is good information, but it’s generic and predictable, allowing for cookie-cutter trips to take with kids in crowded, family-only destinations.

Pure Wander Magazine focuses not on budget or destinations, but on offering readers eclectic, unforgettable excursions they can have across the globe with children of all ages. Our publication stands out because it offers a different perspective. We offer our readers more than a generic travel guide—Pure Wander illustrates where to go to make the most of your family trips and how you can do it.


Pure Wander Magazine's intern will be primarily responsible for researching and creating the world calendar of events. He or she will also be invited to write family travel articles for the magazine, and will publish articles through the Wordpress dashboard. The editorial intern will also be responsible for working on the site's SEO. Other duties as assigned. All work will be done virtually and we will communicate via email and weekly Skype meetings.


The ideal candidate will be at the junior level or above and is actively working toward their degree. They must have a 3.5 or higher. English, Professional Writing, Journalism or similar majors are invited to apply. The ideal candidate will have exceptional research skills and writing skills. Candidates with SEO knowledge will be given preference.

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