Editorial Intern

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Asta Publications’ Internship Program will provide students a carefully monitored work experience with the ability to learn valuable skills relevant to their particular area of study. Students will experience an educational work environment with proper training and will ultimately take with them practical real-world business experiences taught and shared by our current Asta Publications’ employees. Students will complete their assignment being adequately prepared for an entry-level position in their field.

When applying for the Editorial intern position, please submit a brief statement as to why you applied for the position, what skills and/or expertise makes you the best candidate, and what experience you'd hope to gain from working with Asta Publications.

Work is primarily done virtually through e-mail communications and meetings are held virtually.


Write, Edit, and proofread manuscripts/documents.


Excellent oral and written communication skills
Ability to contribute to multiple projects on any given day
Assist with editorial projects and provide support to the Publishing Coordinator/Editor
Provide basic copyedits, line edits, and proofread manuscripts, blogs, articles, basic ads, flyers, brochures, etc.
Write blogs and articles
Must have access to and the ability to use Word, Excel, the Internet and other relevant programs

How To Apply

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