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At a time when U.S. immigrants represent 12.5% of the U.S. population and are all over the news on a constant basis, HOW to MAKE it in the USA was created to help immigrants live a better life in the United States, from improving the quality of your lives to lowering your cost of living to being part of a supportive community.

Most US immigrants have no idea how to go about building a nice life in this land of freedom and achievable dreams. Knowing the best tips & tricks about the U.S. can save you years of hard work, lots of money and heartaches. You traveled thousands of miles to come here - you may as well build a great life!

HowToMakeItInTheUSA is guided by three basic principles:

1/ We are stronger together. Created by a French and Moroccan born, this is the place for smart immigrants to help other immigrants. We have been in your shoes. We’ve made it by discovering great resources. We can help you!

2/ Knowledge & Guidance. We believe that access to easy to understand information about how to make it in the USA, coupled with guidance on how to take action, is the best way to help you succeed. Information is empowering. The more you know about what to do, the more comfortable and confident you'll be.

3/ This is your home away from home. We know how it feels to be lonely, lost or scarred when arriving in a new country. This is why we have built a community where you can feel home anytime you need.

At HOW to MAKE it in the USA you can meet other immigrants, find and provide answers, make friends, seek guidance from professionals, talk about yourself, learn from other’s experiences and feel part of a big loving family.

Our Service

HOW to MAKE it in the USA empowers US immigrants via our website, articles, Web video show, podcasts, and blog.

Our Story

HOW to MAKE it in the USA was founded in San Francisco, CA in 2013 by French born, Armelle Cloche, founder of Armelle Productions LLC and Moroccan born, Khadija Lowrey, a pharmaceutical rep and real estate agent. During their over twenty years experience each in the U.S., and six years of partnership, they often felt “if only we had known that info from the start!” Yes, if only they have had the experience, wisdom and knowledge of how Americans think and how to make it in this new land of opportunity sooner, they would have saved years of hard work, lots of money and heartaches.

Looking around them at all the immigrants they met, it seemed that many were lacking that same knowledge and sense of support. They realized that many immigrants feel isolated, lost and fearful when arriving in this giant country. They realized that all the experience and wisdom they accumulated over twenty years could make a wonderful difference in other immigrant’s lives.

For more info visit: http://howtomakeitintheusa.com/


- You will help write great articles, blogs and special reports to help our members live a happier, more fulfilling, more prosperous life in the U.S.
- You will help respond to members' letters
- You will help writing short scripts for our weekly Web TV show
- You will study all possible ways to use social networking to make the http://howtomakeitintheusa.com/ name more recognized
- You will participate in coming out with good ideas and better ways to promote http://howtomakeitintheusa.com/
- You will work REMOTELY from your home and use your own computer and internet connection. No need to live in San Francisco where we are located.


- Be a good communicator, writer with a style and humor
- Be interested in making a social difference in the world and immigration issues
- Be good at connecting with people and talking about our company and services
- Care to help our members and others in general
- Understand what http://howtomakeitintheusa.com/ is all about
- Love to learn, positive attitude, and can think outside the box
- Be tech-savvy, understand the internet, blogs, computers, and Microsoft Office

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