Editorial Manager Internship Opportunity

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Vision House Publishers is publisher of Visions Christian Magazine. We publish books and periodicals. We are a quarterly Christian publication. We advertise Christian businesses, and feature well-knowned gospel artists, authors and ministries.

We need an Editiorial Manager to manage all content for our Christian publication.


Editorial managers will oversee all aspects of content for publications, direct writers, photographers and other editors, aiming to put together stories and other content that draws in readers. Will determine what shall be printed or posted.


Editorial managers must possess outstanding written and verbal communication skills. need to be organized, creative and confident, valuing research and paying close attention to accuracy. Editorial managers must be well-versed in Associated Press style, which offers a uniform method of abbreviation and grammar. All need to possess decent typing and strong computer skills as well. Editorial managers also need to be prepared to work long and odd hours, since news is rarely limited to a normal 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday.

Editorial managers must have attended journalism school and obtained a bachelor's degree. Besides journalism, areas of study normally include communications, mass media, news writing and perhaps graphic design and photojournalism. Along with an education, editorial managers need to have spent time as reporters and lower-level managers.

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