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Stonghorn Fitness is revolutionizing the way people view their path to their personal fitness goals by bridging the gap between fitness and nutrition. We utilize not only physical training, but also dietary changes and nutritional education to expedite your gains and put you on the fast track to successfully achieving your goals. We know everyone is different and that is why most “bootcamps” or “group fitness” type programs fail to produce desired results. Everyone needs physical exercise and proper nutrition, but everyone’s requirements in those areas are different. That is where Stronghorn Fitness comes in. We want to develop a specific plan designed just for you, and help you get where you want to be.

The position will be around researching and writing about fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. Anything from Diet "do's and Do nots" to training techniques and exercise tips. Interviews with respected fitness and nutrition professionals and health and wellness companies will also be a top priority. This is very much a content heavy position with plenty of writing opportunity to flex your creative writing skills.


Content. If chosen you will be responsible for the Stronghorn Fitness Blog as well as Social Media content creation. You will report directly to the CEO and have complete creative control. You will be required to write 2 posts per week and have a pipeline of future projects at all times. You will have multiple management calls scheduled to discuss said topics and future projects.


Experience and passion for the world of fitness and nutrition is a must. You do not need a NASM PT or Dietitian Certification or anything, but you must have a general understanding of the subject matter and audience you will be targeting.

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