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Posted: 718 days ago
Company Location: Austin, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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This is a brand new News and Politics website (the site is being launched in conjunction with a new political book and hasn't been monetized yet). The content will be updated every day with interesting news articles that will be uploaded and tagged by date and topic. The site will feature about 80 news links a day (which you will be responsible for helping to upload), daily blogs, and a message board for users to discuss news and politics with each other.

Although much of the work is boring, we will assign you a good title (which will look good on the resume), we can assign you a variety of job duties, and if you do a good job then we will write you a great letter of recommendation. If you're a journalism student interested in online or political news journalism, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. We will absolutely consider publishing interns' original content onto the site.


There are at least three responsibilities. Interns must choose one (or both) of the first two responsibilities. The third is optional.

1.) Help us post articles onto the site. Interns who help post articles will be responsible for logging onto the site and helping us to post the articles onto the site (this involves Copying & Pasting the URLs and article titles).

2.) Help us tag articles that get posted to the site (this includes reading articles and appropriately categorizing them)

3.) Writing original content to be considered for publication on the site

Please send a resume and a short cover letter explaining why you are interested.


The only real requirement for this position is an interest in online news and politics journalism. This is a startup and an unpaid internship. However, if somebody had a real interest, then I strongly believe they'll enjoy the work and gain some useful experiences.

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